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Empowering individuals and organizations to prioritize well-being, one step at a time. At DSK Counseling and Consulting, we offer more than just counseling. We're passionate advocates for mental health. We offer clients a comprehensive suite of services designed to cultivate positive change, both within individuals and across entire systems. Whether you're looking for engaging mental and behavioral health trainings for your team, strengthening a company culture that prioritizes employee well-being, expert leadership coaching and development that empowers professional growth, or personalized consultation on managing individual mental and behavioral health care plans, we're here to guide you with compassion and expertise. We believe strong mental health is the foundation for a thriving life, and we're dedicated to creating the tools and resources necessary to building healthy teams and supporting your clients.

Our Services


Mental and Behavioral Health Training

We offer teams a variety of training options that range from some of the foundational concepts of mental and behavioral health to deeper and more nuanced concepts within the field of psychology. All trainings are curated and tailored to the needs of our clients.


Strengthening Company Culture

We guide our clients through a collaborative process, analyzing current work environment, identifying areas for improvement, and co-creating customized policies, initiatives, and training programs that prioritize mental health awareness, emotional resilience, and work-life balance.


Leadership Coaching & Development

Our specialized leadership coaching goes beyond traditional skills development, delving into resilience, self-awareness, and empathy. We partner with executives and managers to navigate the unique challenges of leading in today's complex world, from managing stress and promoting open communication to fostering a culture that prioritizes mental health for all. We equip leaders to build stronger teams, drive innovation, and cultivate a thriving environment where everyone can flourish. 


Individualized Care Planning

Working hand-in-hand with parents, group homes, and other caregivers, we craft individualized care plans tailored to each person's needs. Whether it's structuring a child's day or designing person-centered support, we offer expertise and guidance to empower our clients with achieving positive change.

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